2023 Aug 15

Raising Future Leaders

As a part of encouraging child participation and leadership training, at our centres we create an environment that can foster young leaders. The Galle youth centre that was opened this year has been focused on giving children the opportunity to take leadership and learn how to serve their community and as a result this year the children got together and planned a Dansala for their community. The planning, preparations and carrying out of the activities was all done by the centre youth with the support and careful supervision of the Galle Youth centre staff.

In the Batticaloa centre we saw our children rise to take leadership in their community. On May 3 rd 2023 children from the centre were selected as the secretary, vice secretary and treasurer for the Eravour pattu Chenkalady, children's club organized by the Batticaloa GA office. We are proud that our children were able to represent the Eravour pattu DS division and we hope to see more leaders rise from all our centres.