A future of well-being, value and equality for every child, everywhere.

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Child Action Lanka (CAL) works with vulnerable children and their families across Sri Lanka. We work with orphans, children living on the streets and victims of war and conflict in both urban and rural poor areas. Many factors contribute to a child being vulnerable. They include: deprivation from education, domestic violence, abuse, and distress due to illness.

We give them a safe and a caring environment, helping them to become responsible and independent citizens who can reciprocate their development to those like them. And we help them to develop their potential, skills aptitudes through education and provide meals to ensure they are hunger free and healthy.

CAL promotes a child-focused holistic approach that pays attention to children's physical, mental, social and emotional development. Our goal is to provide a caring, safe and healthy environment for children in marginalised communities to learn and grow.

Our mission is to advocate for the protection of the most disadvantaged children while providing education, health and nutrition and promoting their basic needs, rights and interests. To enable them, their families and communities to be individuals who bring positive change.


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Children are the starting point to breaking the poverty cycle.

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