Help My Friends

The "Help My Friends" project is dedicated towards creating awareness about these issues faced by children in Sri Lanka and to reach out to sponsors to support the work done at the CAL centers to help children overcome the hardships of poverty.

Join the CAL family by sponsoring the Educational financial needs of a child who is in the day kids program at the CAL centers. These children come daily after school and spend time in the center till they go back home to their parents. CAL aims to provide their educational needs such as school supplies, uniforms, shoes, while attend to their health and nutrition needs and supporting the parents financially so that they can bring up their children at the safety and security of their own home.

Upon making a donation your sponsorship will be assigned to achieve this.


  • A quarterly update about the centre in which your sponsorship has been assigned to.
  • CAL Newsletter subscription
  • A personalized thank you card made by CAL kids


  • One time donation of USD 13 (LKR 4,000) or more.
  • Sign up as a sponsor for 12 months with Monthly donations of USD 13 or Quarterly donations of USD 39.
  • Donation of USD 13 (LKR 4000) can sponsor the educational expenses one child for a month.
  • Donation of USD 156 (LKR 48,000) can sponsor the educational expenses of one child for a year

Your donation provides a child in need access to employable education, and the chance to enjoy their childhood and build their future. their future.

To sign up as a Sponsor please email to with the subject Sponsor for HMF.

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