2022 Oct 11

Child Protection Awareness and Advocacy

CAL took the lead in conducting and taking part in many panel discussions and online forum discussions in collaboration with many partners to discuss the importance of Child protection awareness.  Children of all ages have a right to live and grow without fear or violence. At CAL we firmly believe in this and do our best to do our part to spread awareness about child protection and child rights and laws around child protection in Sri Lanka. Our staff and volunteers have been conducting many awareness talks  and programs to keep this goal going. 

We had our very own staff member Chathuruni at our Colombo center host a  panel discussion about  online awareness and conduct programs for children and their parents. The discussions was about Sexual Abuse on Children and how this henious crime has increased over the past few decades. The discussion was aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about Sexual Abuse in Children hoping that this knowledge and awareness may help save many innocent lives from the risk of being abused. This was  organized by colombo Rotract club (mid-city).  In May we also had a similar interview and online discussion with Mahehika Manathunga who is a Child Protection Specialist. This was organized by the  Rotaract Club of Colombo Midcity Sri Lanka.  

Together with LEADS Sri Lanka, Emerge Lanka and CAL, a panel discussion was also held in February to increase awareness on child sexual abuse, organized by Leo Club of Colombo. Mihiri Perera from CAL was among the 5 panelists that contributed to this crucial discussion and highlighted the importance of making society a safer place for the girl child and boy child in Sri Lanka.