2022 Oct 11

Sustainability and Giving back to society

CAL believes in sustainability and encouraging children towards sustainability for a better future and tomorrow for generations to come. As an organization our values revolve around sustainability and giving back to the community we serve in. This year in order to do our part in sustainability CAL has invested our time in two endeavors. We have taken steps towards harvesting spices, veggies and other fruits. The goal is to become a self-sustaining center and Kilinochchi has taken the first steps towards it as the first CAL center to move in this direction. 

CAL also believes in giving back to the community we serve in. This year we partnered with different partners in our communities to give back to our children and communities around us to help them grow and come through the difficult economic times we are in. At CAL we believe children of our country should move hand in hand with the technological advancements of the world, to be well-groomed citizens of the current generation. That’s why CAL has taken the liberty of donating one of its iPads to Maddumabandara College in Kandy, to ensure the students would follow their technological curriculum without interruption and be exposed to the digital world of the 21st century.

Education is a right of a child. But many children in Sri Lanka dropout of school as children from low income families or street connected children cannot afford the cost of school supplies. CAL recently distributed the essential school supplies among the children in our Kandy Child Development Center with financial aid from KidzNet Sri Lanka.

CAL partnering with Keels has donated food packs for our families whose children are at the center and around the area as well. The donated food packs were offered to 65 families and they were families that belong to the children who were attending the center at CAL. 

We at CAL together with Trellobord understand the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to food and basic needs at this difficult and challenging times. Some families barely are able to eat 2 meals a day. Together with Trellobog CAL distributed dry ration packs in Keleniya funded by Trelloborg. 

Although Menstruation is a perfectly natural biological process for females many girls miss a week of school every month after their puberty and some even stop their education due to the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. This creates a gap between the education of the girl child and the boy child.CAL partnering  with Hemas took on the initiative to break this barrier by providing  free  Sanitary Napkins  to the girls at our centers. 

As part of its commitment to support Sri Lanka’s fight against COVID-19 CAL donated Rapid Antigen test kits  to the District Secretariats around in the districts where our centers are located.   

At CAL our goal is to ensure the children we work with have access to clean and new school uniforms and shoes each year which gives them a chance to look their best and also to keep their attendance throughout the year. With this goal in mind this year CAL donated School uniforms in kandy to the kids at the Kandy center.