2022 Feb 07

Hope > Covid

childaction@sltnet.lk or hopegreaterthancovid@gmail.com"">

We are very grateful to all who donated for our “Covid Relief Adopt a Family” project. Currently, we are catering to 70 families, with the hope that they will be able to overcome their challenges  and have a better future. Each family has different needs, and we are working around the clock to provide them the support they require. The demand to support children’s education is high, and we need financial support to provide school shoes , uniforms and study material for  children who are attending  school. If you would like to make a contribution toward this, or join the project to support a family by providing financial support of USD 50 per month for a period of one year, please contact our project coordinator Anton at 0705432110 or send an email to childaction@sltnet.lk or hopegreaterthancovid@gmail.com