Batticaloa is on the East Coast of Sri Lanka - a beautiful place with wonderful beaches and lagoons. Batti (as it’s affectionately known) has suffered from many years of civil war. It's was devastated by the 2004 tsunami and affected by more recent flooding. Despite now living in peace, its communities are still dealing with the consequences of loss and trauma.

In September 2012 Child Action Lanka (CAL) started work in five rural communities where there is great need and lack of resources. Poverty is high and the standard of living is at a shockingly low level.

Ten local young adults are being trained by our project manager to run five ‘After School Centres’ in the villages. Here the children and young people can come together and learn. They get extra classes which include English and computer - skills which offer a real chance to break out of poverty. The children have also started getting food rations daily. Providing balanced nutrition that is often lacking when money is scarce.

The children are enthusiastic and excited to know that people care and want to help them in life to achieve their dreams. CAL believes that our role is to enable them to find their own strength and inner resources to step up and see their lives transformed. It is exciting to partner with them and watch them discover what is possible.