2022 Oct 11

New Beginnings

CAL has had new beginnings at the center and to see them has been rewarding to us as an organization as they help and reduce homelessness and  fight hunger. CAL opened its new New pre-school at Colombo which is now open to kids aged 2 to 5 years of age. Kids around the area can come to the preschool where they can start their education career. The kids can progress to the school level activities at CAL when once they complete preschool. We also started a  new sports club at Galle. 

From the start of this year the “Mobile school” has been active in Nuwara Eliya. Children can come and look at the resources available such as books, educational toys etc. The Mobile School offers interactive, hands-on learning platforms to the children in rural areas. 

Initiated by our founder Debbie Edirisinghe, a Japanese methodology for learning math was introduced to the children at the Galle center in collaboration with “Next Learners”, the local partners of the Surala Net Programme. This e-learning facility for students in Grades 1 -7 , provides interactive, animated lessons to create interest and independent learning for children aged 6 – 11 years. We were also thankful to the Next Learners who kindly  donated 5 laptops to the center to support the children’s e-learning programmes. The programme commenced in February with 10 children, who enthusiastically participated in learning.

We were also excited about the new preschool classrooms now open at the Kilinochchi center. This will enable CAL to have more children who can come to the center from a preschool level and receive a good formal educational foundation.

The Colombo center started  preparing lunch in house this year as we believe in giving nutritious meals to be a pillar of CAL’s values.  It is also very important for the growth of every child. This year even with all the economic struggles CAL has had to face as the country faced one of its worst economic crises, we began preparing lunch inhouse adapting to the changing environment determined to keep to our goal by feeding nutritious meals to our children at the centers.