Know about business

Start Your own Business: We believe that in order to be effective in transforming the lives of the children, the Parents involvement plays a big role. Therefore, we help parents who are already employed and have the discipline to continue a venture of their own in giving them business loans and tips to help them with setting up and providing them with necessary expertise, so that these people can begin to generate more income than the small low paying jobs they do. Most street people are vendors of some sort and hence would do well in starting a business if given the right training.

Credit and Savings: We also plan to conduct workshops on Micro Credit and savings and teaching people how to save and invest wisely. Often we find that these people earn money but do not save and spend inappropriately. For ex: but a large flat screen TV when they have no money for food! We would like to set up bank accounts for those who become members of these groups and help them start saving.



Expanding Your Business: We would like to implement a system of helping existing micro business people to expand their businesses. Eg: the man with a tiny shop around the corner to take the next step. In order to do this we need to find people who would be willing to teach this community on business development, planning, budgeting, etc, but in a very simple form.